Birding on the Space Coast of Florida

Eagle on way to nest with branch.

Bald Eagle Nest Locator

Nests accessible for public viewing
Compiled by Bob Paty

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Blackpoint Wildlife Drive

Titusville Florida (south)
Sterling Forest
Murrell Rd., just off North Wickham Rd.
Titusville Florida (north)
South Lake

Give Bald Eagles Their Space

There is a critical period of time when the female Bald Eagle is incubating the eggs and until the baby eglets are several weeks old. Do not invade the eagle's space during this period. It is important that the adult eagles do not leave the nest for an extended period of time. Actually, the best distance to observe the activity is seventy or more yards from the nest. There is no reason to get any closer than this, as the activity is obscured by the edge of the nest. Remember, even though the Bald Eagle was removed from the endangered list, it is still a threatened species.

The most interesting time to watch the activity at a Bald Eagle's nest is when they start to bring sticks and twigs to repair the nest, as well as later when the adult eagles return to the nest to feed the young eglets. As a photographer you will get some great in flight shots during this time, as the eagles fly overhead. Using Digiscope for photography, or a sixty power scope for just observing, will make for an interesing outing.

Bob Paty

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Eagle Nest Locator